Uni Phoons 2nds
Sat 14 Oct 2023
Hong Kong Typhoons
Uni Phoons 2nds
Disciplined Services RFC 2s
Strong season debut for the 2nds

Strong season debut for the 2nds

Sebastien Poncelet17 Oct 2023 - 07:58
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Clean sheet from the 2nds ending up in a 31-0 victory over the disciplined services.

First game of the season, first game of the day for the UniPhoons, and what a game it was!

The lads turned up on time to wear the new green, black and pink jersey and started warming up to face a tough game against the disciplined services' actual first team. They are big, they are fit, and we all knew it'd be a tough fight.

Even though for many this game was the first in several years with contested scrums, it only took a couple for the forwards to get into it and dominate the opposition. JC opened the score within the first 10 minutes of the game, with Alvin converting it. Good team effort and support from everyone saw Desmond scoring the second try in the first half. Although fitter than us, the opposition could not stop the lads from scoring again at the beginning of the second half, first of the two tries Popeye would see through during the game.

Towards the end of the game, while the disciplined services were on the attack, a dream came true. Our hooker Oscar, intercepted a ball around the middle of the pitch and dashed forward, staying ahead of several lads of the opposition huffing and puffing behind him but not able to keep up with him, to score the last try of the game under the posts, sealing the services' coffin. The lads held fast until the end of the game, denying the opposition any point, OOHAA!

Final score 31-0, clean sheet for the opening game of the season, great performance and mindset from the boys, couldn't get any better. Excited for the rest of the season!

Try scorers:
JC x 1 - converted
Desmond x 1
Popeye x 2 - converted
Oscar x 1 - converted

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Sat 14 Oct 2023




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