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Sat 14 Oct 2023
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Uni Phoons 1sts
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Fighting like the devil

Fighting like the devil

Sebastien Poncelet17 Oct 2023 - 14:50
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Close loss after an outstanding performance.

With rumours of Shenzen Pirate’s players wanting to play in the premiership, UniPhoons 1st's first game of the year looked set to be one of the toughest.

The stage was set for a classic game of rugby under the lights at King’s Park.

From the first blow of the whistle, it was clear to see that UniPhoons 1st were here to play. This must have come as a shock to Shenzen as the first 15 minutes was riddled with handling errors from the opposition. A true sign of the pressure from UniPhoons 1st .

The first half was a real battle in which both sides had chances. Neither took advantage of them, leaving the score pointless at half time.

Silly errors from the boys at kick off gave Shenzen the platform to attack. After a few phases, uniphoons conceded a penalty right in front of the posts. 3-0 Shenzen.

Quickly after this, Shenzen were back in the Uniphoons half. After some brutal carries from the opposition, they were able to make their way across the gain line and take the score up to 8-0 in Shenzen’s favour.

Following this, it was finally a chance for UniPhoons 1st to put a few phases together, eventually leading to a penalty in front of the posts. Unfortunately, due to a lack of (mr.)T on the sideline, BJ missed the drop kick (I pity the fool). Leaving the score at 8-0.

The boys managed to put pile some more pressure on Shenzen but tired bodies meant the pressure wasn’t converted to points. The final moments of the games led to a few desperate tackles from Uniphoons before giving a penalty away in front of the posts once more. Shenzen converted.

Final score: Uniphoons 0 - 11 Shenzen

A bittersweet result in the end. Much to be proud of but also a feeling of missed opportunities. If that’s the marker for the season then we’re in for a cracker.

Motm: Josh Phillips
Dotd: Ben Jessop

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Sat 14 Oct 2023




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