Typhoon Code of Conduct

Hong Kong Typhoons are built around an ethos of respect. Respect for each other, the match officials, our opposition, our playing environment and most importantly… respect for our club.

This code of conduct applies to all club officials, coaches, players, supporters and anyone representing Hong Kong Typhoons RFC.

Respect our teammates
- We will strive to attend training sessions wherever possible

- We will arrive to matches on time, if we are running late we will make the team captain aware of our arrival time.

- We will show respect to all players regardless of ability or team they are playing in.

- We will aim to reply promptly to team memos and match availability requests. My time is no more valuable than anyone else’s, so I should not need to be chased.

- Wherever possible, we will involve ourselves in all club activities including community outreach and fundraising as well as rugby related activities.

Respect the Match Officials
- We will accept and observe the authority and decisions of referees, assistant referees, match officials and all other rugby disciplinary bodies.

- We will not abuse, threaten or intimidate a referee, assistant referee or other match official, whether on or off the field of play.

- We will not use foul or abusive language or gestures towards referees, assistant referees, other match officials or spectators.

Respect our Opposition
- We will play hard but fair and with respect for our opposition.

- We will be gracious in victory and humble in defeat

- We will not abuse or threaten opposition playing, coaches or supporters.

- We will enjoy jovial banter before, during and after each game

Respect our Environment
- We will not leave litter around the pitch at training or on match days. This is an individual responsibility for all of us, the team captain should not have to do a final sweep of the ground to clear away discarded litter.

- We will aim to recycle as many of our post game drinking vessels as possible

Respect for the Typhoons Rugby Club
If you are wearing club kit or any clothing containing the Typhoons name or logo or you are attending a Typhoons related match, training session or social event then you are an ambassador for the club. Bad impressions can effect public image, player recruitment and loss of current and future sponsorship opportunities.

HKRU code of conduct for players
all players will abide by the code of conduct set out by the Hong Kong Rugby Union. the code of conduct can be accessed below.