Health and Wellbeing

What happens when I get injured?

As a member of Typhoons RFC, you have limited cover from the HK Rugby Union, this is not substantial and is for severe injuries only. The Typhoons would recommend that you maintain personal medical insurance whilst playing rugby in Hong Kong.

What do the HKRU cover?

The Union provide insurance for catastrophic (SEEMS TO BE A MISSING SENTENCE?)

What are my responsibilities to get covered?

The Union insurance requires you to be a registered player with the Typhoons. You must have registered as a player via the ‘ask Rory for details! (NEED TO FIND THE LINK - PLEASE CHASE ME)’ Site. If you require assistance with this, please speak to a club official and they can assist you.

You should also maintain personal medical cover, this is often supplied through your employer, however, if you are in need of cover then we have a number of insurance specialists on the club who can work with you to find the most suitable cover. Please contact a club official for more details.

What should I do if I get injured?

The Union have a page detailing the protocols to follow upon injury. If urgent medical attention is required this will normally involve a trip to a hospital. HK ID card holders are entitled to emergency treatment at public hospitals, if you are collected from the pitch via ambulance this will normally be direct to a public A&E department. The club will strive to send someone to accompany you to assist with paperwork and to minimise any issues upon arrival.

The Rugby Union Community Injury Protocol can be found at the following link…

Mental Health

The club has an active relationship with Mind HK. Mind HK are a charity dedicated to mental health issues in Hong Kong and have a team of support staff that can assist you with any mental health related enquiries. If you are struggling with your mental health, please reach out to the club officials or your team captain and we will assist you where we can. You can also contact Mind directly at or at